Big Changes Coming To Disney Theme Parks

With the coming of the Star Wars-themed lands to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2019 it’s safe to say that this is Disney’s largest theme park expansion ever and has the Disney World news and rumors churning constantly. Construction images were shown to Star War’s fans on Saturday, December 16 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, courtesy of creative executive Scott Trowbridge.

Trowbridge posted the images and details on the Disney Parks Blog with Doug Chiang, Lucasfilm designer, and Imagineers Chris Beatty and Robin Reardon. The images include the interior of the Millennium Falcon, one of the two sides of the 14-acre Disney World Park and also in Disneyland. X-wing replicas will soon be in the parks as well.

“We talked a lot about authenticity,” Trowbridge wrote. “How we are building a real place in the Star Wars universe and how we are working hard to get the details right.”

A new rendering of marketplace stalls was also shown, which inspiration is the Marrakech and Istanbul markets as researched by Chiang. For instance, one is run by a “Toydarian” as introduced on Tatooine in “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”

A Toydarian sells toys, and the images show distinct toys promising to be exclusives as the offerings look like they are handcrafted by local artisans. The toys are going to be totally in-story, aside from being unique and fun.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will highlight two rides – the Millennium Falcon, which the visitors can pilot, and one that puts them in the middle of a fight between the Resistance and The First Order.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge likewise will have restaurants and shops for an immersive experience. California’s Disneyland will have the version ahead of Florida’s.

Disney World is a big world indeed. With the Star Wars expansion, it will become bigger than it may take days for one to completely explore the entire park. Every time you go into Florida’s popular park, make sure you have enough resources and be ready to be overwhelmed with lots of attractions. Any Walt Disney experience can give you moments worth remembering for a lifetime.

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